Terrick Mansur

Value Stream Owner

Why is this important

With more and accurate information, businesses, government and individuals can make better decision. This is why it is important to collect and distribute information with OpenAruba.

What do we want to achieve

Collect and distribute as much important information from and to our citizens, businesses, and organisations.

How do we achieve it

By partnering up with organisations that already collect data and create systems that can safely make their information publicly available.

When are we successful

When we see new products, ideas, and policies being made around the information we are gathering and making it available.

In the pipeline

Busstops 4 Location API

In our quest to add more and more relevant POI to the Location API our next category will be the bus stops in Aruba. By adding POI categories to the API we make it possible to re-use this data in all types of use cases.