Are you in need of location data in Aruba? Then you might be interested in our Location API. We are launching our first API as a Beta product which provides you precise information about regions, zones, streets and addresses in Aruba. We (or your own developer) can incorporate this information easily into your application, website or mobile app.

As this product is still in Beta we are inviting you to start connecting with this information source and test it for yourself. We will be onboarding interested parties for testing and feedback purposes as we continue to build on this API. 

As this is our first API our vision is to expand this from a Location API to a Location Intelligence Service with multiple layers of metadata concerning these points of interest. Therefore we want to join forces with as many entities as possible to exchange metadata in order to continually increase the value of this service to the benefit of the whole Aruban community.

The Location API is a product of our Open Aruba valuestream. The mission of Open Aruba is to collect and distribute as much important information from and to our citizens, businesses, and organizations to aid in better decision-making based on data.