Jean-Pierre Solognier

Value Stream Owner

Why is this important

Digital innovation and digital transformation are not unique to Aruba. On a strategic and tactical level DNA can help public and private entities with knowledge gained in international settings regarding these topics

What do we want to achieve

T-Four is a Strategic Stream that serves as a connector to businesses and political parties that have Aruba at heart, that are willing to come with changes and transformations that will help Aruba move forward

How do we achieve it

T-Four will listen, advise and work together with local entities and entrepreneurs on proof-of-concepts to facilitate these changes and transformations.  

When are we succesful

When we start to see action being taken by local leaders. Actions that help Aruba move forward in this new digital era. To move forward by not staying behind in digital innovation and transformation. To move forward by embracing innovations that enhance the wellbeing of the people in Aruba. 

No products currently in production

In Production

T-Four Politics

Being in a constant dialog to understand what Aruba needs and how we can apply technology to facilitate the need of solving some crucial problems. Verify if the ideas we have will suite the solutions they have for their solutions

In the pipeline

T-Four Telecom

Started a dialoge aboout setting up a LoRaWan network, by using existing antenna's infrastructure

In the pipeline

T-Four Financials

Make common financial data and formulas accesible to the public via a website. This to help civilians with their financial stuff like example tax returns.