Renato Vrolijk

Value Stream Owner

Why is this important

Aruba is a small Island in The Caribbean, therefore it's almost imposible to be ahead in fintech technology compared to countries like the USA and The Netherelands. However, we believe the time has come, where Aruba can make more use use already proven international best practices and innovations that can be adoped and customized specifically for the island of Aruba. This has to translate to improvements like easy and fast online transactions. Also to Arubans taking more advantage from Globalisation, such as Arubans selling their products and services to the Global Market.

In Aruba many have to deal with financial worries, studies have demostrated there is a link between financial worries and health problems such as mental problems and depression. By helping Arubans become more financial literate with the power of education and technology we believe we can help Arubans adopt financial habits that can free them from dept, help them save money and even reach financial freedom, with as end result: More happy, healthy and wealthy Arubans.

What do we want to achieve

AruFin is a value stream powered by DNA. This value stream is meant to help drive progress and innovation to the fintech industry in Aruba and also to help the Aruban people become more financial literate.

How do we achieve it

AruFin will focus on scientific research to find the best solutions possible for the island of Aruba. Arufin will also be networking and connecting with professionals in the field of finance and technology. By doing so we hope to encourage other professionals to take action and build solutions. 

When are we successful

We are successful  when research indicates that Arubans are becoming more financial literate. Also, when research indicates that Arubans are big players in the Caribbean when it comes to FinTech research and development.

No products are currently in production

In the pipeline

Make all free calculations accessible for the general public.