Jairzinno Henriquez

Value Stream Owner

Why is this important

ArubaThings is about connecting any type of sensor devices to a LoRaWan network.

What is LoRaWan?
LoRaWan is a low-power, wide area networking protocol built on top of the LoRa radio modulation technique. It wirelessly connects devices to the internet and manages communication between end-node devices and network gateways.

Why connect all these devices to a LoRaWan network?
You can use realtime data events to make a decision or automate a decision workflow that will have an immediate result.

What do we want to achieve

We want Aruba to be an island supported with ambient computing. An island where smart devices, data and human activity go hand in hand, making everyday life better and easier

How do we achieve it

By setting up a LoraWan network we enable different appliances to be connected to the Internet. By doing this we enter the world of ambient computing, creating applications and connections that support us wherever we go.

When are we successful

We consider part of our mission as completed when individuals, businesses and the government include ambient computing in their new initiatives. When these initiatives can be launched without our assistance we consider our mission fully completed.

No products or services currently in production

In the pipeline


Setup the LoRaWan network using existing antenna's. Aruba has 3 antenna's in strategic area's where we can the needed equipment to provide Aruba with a LoRaWan network. Each antenna will have two devices that will cover a 360 degree range.