Code Club Aruba is an initiative of a free, open, volunteer-led movement that organizes coding meetups for people of all ages. Coding, or computer programming, is the skill of taking a problem and creating a set of instructions — which we call a computer program — for a computer to solve that problem. Computer programs can be anything from simple ones that add two numbers together, all the way up to complex websites, video games, or apps. At a meetup, participants learn to develop these programs with the support of their fellow peers and volunteer mentors.

At Code Club Aruba the youth are empowered with life skills that will help them succeed. As well as learning about teamwork and collaboration, participants are encouraged to present their projects and support their peers to develop their communication skills. Young adults build confidence and learn to trust in their own voices by directing their own learning and taking on the responsibility of peer-to-peer mentoring.

Participants are encouraged to work on themes and projects that are of direct interest to them. Many people are highly motivated by projects focused on protecting the environment, sharing knowledge, solving a social problem, supporting a community, and themes around physical and mental wellbeing. Considering introducing projects that have a positive social, environmental, or community impact can help participants identify opportunities to positively influence the world around them.

Code Club meetups take place regularly, which enables frequent opportunities for skill development and socialization. Not all young people will choose to attend every meetup, although they are encouraged to come regularly.

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